3 Reasons the Divorce Process Takes a Long Time and How to Shorten It

One of the most challenging issues any married couple can deal with is divorce. Nobody gets married thinking about divorce several years later. However, things might happen along the way, and divorce becomes inevitable. For most couples, resolving a divorce as fast as possible is essential because it allows them to move on quickly. However, divorce cases are unique, and while some take a short while to settle, others can drag on for months. This article highlights the common reasons why divorces take a long time.

Spousal Disagreements -- When couples cannot agree on anything, the chances are high that the divorce process will take longer than both parties anticipated. For instance, some spouses do not handle stress well and might want to wait until they are in the right state of mind before making any decisions. In some cases, volatile issues, such as child custody and property sharing, can lead to intense arguments, especially when no lawyers are involved, extending a case. Therefore, if you want a reasonable and quick resolution to your divorce, hire a seasoned lawyer to guide you through the entire process. A reputable family lawyer will look at the case from every angle and change both parties' perspective on some issues. This helps to eliminate counterproductive disputes and shortens the divorce process.

Disclosure and Discovery -- During the divorce process, your lawyer gathers any information they can find and shares it with your spouse's lawyer. This is referred to as discovery and disclosure, and it is a crucial part of a divorce case. Ideally, your lawyer wants the best possible outcome for you, and they can only achieve that goal if they have enough information to tilt the case in your favour. However, discovery and disclosure can take quite a bit of time, particularly when your lawyer is looking for information on assets, debts, and community property. For instance, your spouse may be unwilling to comply with discovery requirements, forcing your lawyer to use a private investigator. You can also expect delays if you have to wait for a forensic report of family accounts. Notably, ensuring that you have a solid case should be your priority, no matter how long the process takes.

Full Court Calendar -- Divorce lawyers understand that courts have a calendar that they abide by. Therefore, you can expect your divorce to take a little longer if a court has large caseloads. It is for this reason that divorce lawyers encourage spouses to resolve most issues before going to court. For example, rather than go straight to court, spouses can try other dispute resolution methods such as mediation. This goes a long way in ensuring that they spend as little time as possible in court proceedings should it get to that point.

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