3 Reasons the Divorce Process Takes a Long Time and How to Shorten It

One of the most challenging issues any married couple can deal with is divorce. Nobody gets married thinking about divorce several years later. However, things might happen along the way, and divorce becomes inevitable. For most couples, resolving a divorce as fast as possible is essential because it allows them to move on quickly. However, divorce cases are unique, and while some take a short while to settle, others can drag on for months.

Which Family Lawyer Do You Need?

A family lawyer is a professional who can be of assistance when you need advice on family law and when you have family problems that can be settled in a court of law. You, however, need to know which family lawyer to hire and when, because you may come across different family lawyers specialising in different family matters. Note the following to help you choose the right family lawyer: Are You Getting Married?

3 Costly Mistakes To Avoid With Separation Agreements

Separation agreements are legally binding, and that is why you want to make sure you get it right with both the negotiation of terms and the drafting of the final agreement. Unfortunately, there are a few common mistakes, which may cost you a lot down the road. Here is a look at some of the top errors when it comes to drafting separation agreements. 1. Doing It Yourself Most people rush to go online and find a template or kit that they can use to create their separation agreement because it seems like a cost-saver, as they will avoid the cost of hiring family lawyers.

Preventing Your Ex from Taking Your Children Out of the Country

When an Australian journalist was arrested in Japan for trespassing and was subsequently given a suspended sentence, why was this even newsworthy? The trespassing occurred during the journalist's attempt to see his children, who had been taken out of Australia by their Japanese mother. This is certainly a concern for anyone who has separated from a partner who has citizenship or permanent residency in another country. If you fear that your ex is planning to take your children out of the country (and out of the jurisdiction of the Australian legal system), what are your options?

Top Tips When Choosing a Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a family lawyer? It could be that you need representation in a property settlement, child adoption or custody suit. Below is a short guide on the various considerations to make when hiring a family lawyer. Qualifications and Specialties Your lawyer must be licenced to practice in your area. Postgraduate diplomas, certificates of excellence and affiliation with professional organisations are indications that you will receive quality services.  Some lawyers specialise in specific aspects of family law.