Which Family Lawyer Do You Need?

A family lawyer is a professional who can be of assistance when you need advice on family law and when you have family problems that can be settled in a court of law. You, however, need to know which family lawyer to hire and when, because you may come across different family lawyers specialising in different family matters. Note the following to help you choose the right family lawyer:

Are You Getting Married?

It is recommended that you and your spouse sign a prenuptial agreement before your wedding so that you can outline how your wealth will be distributed if you divorce. You need a family lawyer who offers prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. The only difference between a postnuptial and prenuptial agreement is that the postnuptial agreement is signed after marriage.

Are You and Your Spouse Having a Divorce?

If you and your spouse are having a divorce, you need a divorce lawyer. However, note that some different divorce scenarios make various divorce lawyers more suitable than others.

For example, if you and your spouse have agreed that a divorce is necessary and have also agreed on how property is to be shared, you may only need a divorce lawyer to help you access divorce papers, prepare an agreement and lodge the divorce papers.

If you and your spouse have not agreed on anything, and the divorce is one-sided, you might need to serve your spouse with divorce papers. This is a more complex process, meaning you need a divorce lawyer who works with divorces that are one-sided. You need a divorce lawyer to help you get a fair share of marital property, to ensure that the best interests of the children are observed and to guide you through the entire divorce process.

It is also important to find a divorce lawyer who works with divorce cases yours. Such a lawyer will be experienced, and you will receive high-quality services.

Has Your Parent or Guardian Died Without Leaving a Will?

If a guardian or parent dies without a will, it means that disputes might arise among the children or dependents of the deceased. You need a family lawyer who works in family property settlement cases.

You should know that a lot of research is carried out to establish the relationship between the deceased and the individuals claiming a share of the estate. Once the relationship is established, more research is carried out to find out how each person contributed to the accumulation of the estate or why each person deserves a portion of the estate.